Multitec® spray system: The alternative to fiber-reinforced plastics

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Our innovative Multitec® polyurethane (PUR) spray system offers the double advantage of optimizing work procedures while protecting the environment. An intelligent alternative to glass fiber-reinforced plastics (GRP), it’s made of unsaturated styrene-based polyester resins in a low-emission process.

Multitec® is an extremely adaptable product family that can be used to manufacture solid parts as well as sandwich structures that comprise two solid- and one foamed-layer. In addition, Multitec® can be combined with an in-mold-coating (IMC) to produce molded parts or to reinforce thermoplastic films. The broad range of applications extends from sanitary articles and utility vehicle components to leisure goods or in-liner for steel and concrete. Applied by the spray process, with or without (mineral) fillers and glass fibers, with perfect adhesion to PMMA and ABS thermoplastic foil, the fast-curing PUR system can be adapted individually to the specific requirements of a particular application. And the fact that it is a low emission process makes production more sustainable.

Key Benefits

  • Sustainable: Based on a low emission process.
  • Efficient processing: Fast curing system means short cycle times.
  • Long-term durability: Low abrasion loss and high chemical resistance make it long-lasting.

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