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Arcol® polyether polyols: versatility that offers choice

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Arcol® products build a family of polyether polyols that gives manufacturers a wide range of options. Arcol® polyols are used in a variety of urethane applications that include adhesives and sealants, elastomers, molded foams and flexible foams.

Versatile polyether polyols give manufacturers more freedom. Which is why the Arcol® product line offers options for use across a wide array of products. This is possible because the range includes diol, triol and polymer polyols with molecular weights in that vary from less than 300 to as much as 6,000 g/mol.

Featured Products

Arcol® Polyol 1104 - for special polyurethane applications
Arcol® Polyol 1105 S
Arcol® Polyol 1105 S is a branched polypropylene ether polyol that is suitable for combination with Desmodur® in the formulation of solvent-free or low-solvent polyurethanes.

Key Benefits

  • Versatile: Makes a wide array of product options possible
  • High quality: Provides consistent quality, with high purity and low volatile content.

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