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More flexible and less brittle with Desmocap®

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Desmocap® branched aromatic ether/urethane resins are extremely effective modifiers for epoxy coatings, adhesives, and sealants. While epoxy resins are used in various protective coating applications, they can be brittle unless modified with flexible urethane prepolymers like Desmocap®. Similarly, epoxy adhesives can be brittle and are effectively toughened by the addition of Desmocap®.

Addition of small amounts of Desmocap® to an epoxy formulation improves toughness with minimal impact on the upper glass transition temperature of the polymer. Larger addition amounts improve adhesion and intercoat adhesion. Desmocap® products are nonsolvent prepolymers based on polyoxypropylene glycol (POPG) and toluene diisocyanate (TDI) blocked with alkylphenols or the renewable blocking agent CNSL (cashew nutshell liquid). They react with amine crosslinkers and epoxy resins to form hybrid epoxy-urethane polymers. The released blocking-agent remains in the formulation and acts as a plasticizer. 

Featured Products

Desmocap® 14 CNB
Linear polymer with ether and urethane groups; contains crosslinking, blocked isocyanate groups. Raw material for use in the flexibilisation of epoxy resins and the formulation of flexible coatings and sealing compounds.

Key Benefits

  • Improved flexibility and toughness: Epoxies modified with Desmocap® show increased elasticity and impact resistance.
  • Better adhesion: Improved inter-coat adhesion for coatings and adhesion to substrate for adhesives
  • Faster cure: Toughens without slowing cure rate Faster green strength development for adhesive formulations

Brochures & Downloads

Building and Protection.pdf
Polyisocyanate and Prepolymers.pdf

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