Decorative interiors: A toolbox of solutions for more inviting interiors

From waterborne acrylics to alkyds and urethanes, our decorative interior resins help you create high-performance, safer, more sustainable paints and coatings for beautiful, durable, and long-lasting living environments.

Featured Brands

Plant-powered resins for high performance coatings & inks
Waterborne acrylic resins for a variety of applications.
Alkyd and acrylic urethane hybrids with excellent performance
Waterborne urethane resins with tough finishings or a luxury feel.
Waterborne alkyds and polyesters for a variety of applications.

Key Benefits

  • Chemically & mechanically resistant: Ensure excellent scuff-, scratch-, and scrub-resistance with our self-crosslinking technology, hybrids, and tribrids
  • Ultimate adhesion:  Achieve adhesion to a wide variety of substrates using our proprietary adhesion-promoting technology, pioneered over 20 years ago
  • More sustainable:  Enjoy up to 52% bio-based content with Decovery®
  • Safer:  Create safer coatings with lower levels of VOCs
The appearance and performance of interior paints and coatings heavily affect the duration between re-coats, along with the atmosphere of a home, office, or building. At Covestro, we help you create coatings that make these environments more durable and pleasant. Drawing on our insights into local interior market trends, we help solve tomorrow's challenges by addressing performance, safety, and environmental needs. With a wide range of waterborne acrylics, hybrids, tribrids, alkyds, urethanes, and partly plant-based solutions, we can support multiple applications and substrates.

Interior coatings

Whether for doors, windows, interior trim, skirting boards, or cabinets, our resins can support your indoor application needs. As well as helping you overcome sustainability and safety challenges, these solutions offer excellent performance attributes including chemical and scratch resistance, yellowing, and blocking at multiple gloss levels.

Paint with excellent functional properties for indoor applications

Interior wall paints

Our interior wall paint resins are designed for developing paints that thrive today and tomorrow. Their high-performance properties include stain-, scrub-, and scuff-resistance, as well as low VOC content. And, when using our Decovery® resins, you can also create paints containing up to 52% bio-based content.

Wall paint with high-performance properties that’s designed to last

Interior primers

The use of multiple substrates in building and construction is growing rapidly. Our adhesion-promoting technology helps you deliver primers that stick to a wide variety of commonly used substrates. Combined with excellent sandability, low VOC content, and strong blocking properties, these adhesive properties help you develop next-generation primers.

Next-generation primers for multiple substrates

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