Case study

Covestro and MINTH provide Polycarbonate solutions for HiPhi X’s smart exterior design

The rapid expansion of Chinese electric vehicle industry has led to EV start-ups and technology giants aggressively investing into the development of intelligent premium cars. Human Horizons (HH) is an innovative, mobility technology company. Its premium brand HiPhi, targets the growing global high technology luxury EV consumer market. The HiPhi X is its first production model which is a “continuously evolving” smart all-electric SUV featuring advanced integrated functionalities and modern exterior design. The HiPhi X was officially launched in May 2020 and already one of the best-selling luxury all-electric luxury vehicles in the Chinese market.

Choosing the right materials for smart B-pillar cover

The designers and engineers at Human Horizon were looking to embed advanced features such as facial recognition, touch screen door control and display in the HiPHi X’s exterior B-pillar. This B-pillar will be the “magic key”, creating a more convenient and elegant access to the vehicle for the driver .

These complex functionalities translates into the need for the right material that can meet the high-gloss appearance, stable & high-impact structure, infra-red (IR) transparency amongst others.

HiPhi is leading the industry by integrating sophisticated technologies into a premium mass-market vehicle including the leading application of ‘smart’ B-pillar. we sourced globally for reliable materials solutions which combines the latest in technical innovation with all the trimmings of a luxury(TECHLUXE®) vehicle. Thanks to the innovative solution of Covestro and MINTH, I am very proud of the collaborative innovation of both teams.

Chen Jun

SVP of Engineering & Vehicle Development, Human Horizons & HiPhi


From standard to smart

Conventionally, materials of high gloss pillars covers are e.g. hard coated Polycarbonate (PC), which serves  more decorative purpose  than functional one. However, considering the special performance of this model, the door pillar manufacturer of HiPhi X had to select a ‘smart’ material with the right grade and color to meet both the appearance and IR transparency requirements. 

In addition, HiPhi also requires material suppliers to have rich and profound global automotive manufacturing experience, as well as strong innovation and R&D strength.

We are grateful to Human Horizons for trusting MINTH GROUP and would also like to thanks Covestro for their strong support in our development process. After several joint studies of 3 parties, thus achieving the unity of function and luxury appearance. MINTH GROUP looks forward to building synergies with Covestro to keep providing innovative products for our customers.

Guoqiang Ye

SVP of Global Innovation, MINTH Group


Partnered with Minth, Covestro addresses the challenges

MINTH Group ranks among the top 100 global auto-parts manufacturers and is the tier 1 parts supplier of HiPhi X.

Covestro has maintained a close partnership with MINTH to supply the material solution of high-gloss B-pillar covers for many OEMs in domestic and overseas markets. Thus, MINTH undoubtedly chose Covestro for HiPhi X’s B-pillar cover.

Covestro exclusively provides a set of materials for the B-pillar of this model, with the IR transparent Makrolon® AG2677 and Bayblend® T95MF as a combination for the 2K-processed B-pillar covers.

MINTH utilized the injection-compression molding process to mass produce this thin-wall application to fulfill specification of IR transparency, touch sensors, dimension stability, black screen effect and rain-proof design. 

In close collaboration with MINTH, Covestro validated a new material solution for an advanced intelligent B-pillar for the HiPhi X. To manifest multiple key performance features such as IR camera, facial recognition, intelligent display and touch sensors on a mass-production vehicle for the first time.

We are excited about the successful collaboration with Minth and will continue our customer centric and innovative DNA to create value in the world of engineering plastics.

Lily Wang

Head of the Business Entity Engineering Plastics, Covestro

Why Covestro polycarbonate?

  • Unconventional features Makrolon® and Bayblend® realizes functional integrations, such as facial recognition, black screen effect and display.
  • Mass production Covestro’s materials not only have a series of customized grades, but also have processing experience in polishing technology.
  • Exceptional customizable service Covestro’s global technical team has made valuable contributions to the realization of technological breakthroughs as a whole.

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