Sports equipment: Materials that make it comfortable and safe to play hard

Few things test the performance and durability of materials like sports equipment. Which is why we provide top quality PU resins, foams, polycarbonates, elastomers and thermoplastic composites that have been tried and proven under the most demanding conditions.
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Polyisocyanates for a wide range of PU foams, coatings and adhesives
Thermoplastic polyurethanes
Polyurethane film made from aromatic and aliphatic polyester or polyether
High-performance polycarbonate for applications in diverse industries.
Polyurethane film made from aromatic and aliphatic polyester or polyether.

Key benefits

  • Ultra-durable: Meet your need for UV-, abrasion-, scratch-, tear-, and impact-resistance.
  • Dependable: Use quality materials that have proved themselves over time.
  • Adaptable: Show us a challenge and we will show you the materials for a great solution.
  • Option-rich: A wide range of stiffnesses and hardnesses opens up new possibilities.
  • Colorful: A huge variety of UV resistant colors are available.
The quality of our high-quality materials ensures the production of sports equipment that performs. Desmopan® provides abrasion-, UV-, tear-, scratch-, and impact-resistance in many stiffnesses and hardnesses, perfect for ski boots, skis, ice skates, and motocross boots. Dureflex® and Platilon® polyurethanes and elastomer films offer robust barriers in balls and inflatable boats. And our PU foams deliver comfort and safety for helmets, skis and sports flooring. You will find our Makrolon® resins in everything from bicycles, and roller blades to golf tees. The polycarbonate's strength, lightness, and impact resistance also make it suited to sports eyewear. Ask our consultants to help identify the materials best suited to your needs.

Thermoplastic composites: Making mountain bikes safer

Lightweight, flexible, highly resilient and attractive to look at, our lightweight CFRTP (continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic) composites open a new chapter in mountain bike design. Unlike conventional synthetic resin composites, CFRTP is not brittle and can easily be manufactured in large quantities, making it ideal for high-performance mountain bike components. This composite material offers enormous strength as a result of fiber reinforcement and, thanks to its thermoplastic matrix, can be processed mechanically and significantly faster than epoxy-based systems.
Continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composite pushes boundaries

Polyurethane foams: For comfort and safety across multiple applications 

Our rugged, flexible polyurethane foams for sports equipment provide maximum protection, reliability and wear comfort, particularly in extreme sports gear. Applications include the vital shock-absorbing layer in helmets, and the cushioning effect of gym mats, wall padding and sports flooring. You will also find our foams in skis to absorb vibration, in reusable archery targets and even in boats where our rigid polyurethane foams increase load-bearing capacity. In other words you will find our foams wherever there is a need for durability, safety, and impact resistance. 

Durable elastomers:  For scooter wheels that provide a fast, smooth and safe ride

Electric scooters are playing a growing role in sustainable mobility. And the wheels of these scooters have to be long-lasting and hard enough to minimize friction and handle speed and load, yet soft enough to provide grip and ride comfort. Our range of Desmodur® elastomers make it possible to cast “softer” cast polyurethane for better grip, or to manufacture “harder” wheels for increased speed. Hard or soft, any resistance caused by the grip of the wheel is overcome by bearings in the urethane scooter wheels, enabling the wheel to roll smoothly with minimal friction during motion. 

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