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Desmocomp® ThermoBracket for rear-ventilated facades

Together with FISCO GmbH, fischer Benelux B.V. developed a facade element made of composite material, the ThermoBracket. Different resin technologies were tested, and Desmocomp® by Covestro was found to deliver the best flame resistance together with mechanical load and insulation properties.
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Find a solution for an insulation-effective facade bracket

Usually, standard aluminum fastening systems are used in the construction industry to attach rear-ventilated facades to building structures. Although lightweight and easy to use, they have one main downside: The used aluminum acts as thermal bridge, which has higher thermal conductivity than the surrounding materials. An effect caused by those thermal bridges is condensation, which can build up, negatively affecting the insulation effect. After receiving several requests for an effective thermal bridge option catering to rear-ventilated facades, fischer Benelux B.V. set out to find a solution and teamed up with FISCO® GmbH

Offering improved insulation and high mechanical properties, with the required fire resistance: the FISCO® ThermoBracket.

Façade bracket with effective insulation properties

The standard aluminum wall bracket for rear-ventilated façades is easy for construction workers to apply, but maybe not the first choice for building owners who desire effective thermal insulation. A completely new solution had to be found that caters to both sides. A new kind of innovative wall bracket that offers a “plug and play” application process during construction or modernizations while providing high energetic insulation performance for modern highly thermal-efficient façade systems.

The very high insulation requirements are only achievable with the new ThermoBracket based on Desmocomp®, thanks to the development from FISCO®.

Robert van Deuveren

Market Manager, fischer Benelux B.V.


A bracket made of composite material based on Desmocomp®

FISCO® composite solutions developed ThermoBracket using a polyurethane system based on Desmocomp® resin. It offers improved insulation and high mechanical properties, with the required fire resistance. The material delivers high resilience with a very low heat transfer – about 1,000 times lower than aluminum. The insulation thickness of the building can thus be reduced while maintaining insulation capacity. What’s more, it is long-lasting and saves CO2 emissions since less material is required. 

Desmocomp® is the resin of choice for this application because of its overall property profile regarding productivity and product properties.

Michael Ruhland

Head of Producton, FISCO® composite solutions

Desmocomp® resin makes a significant contribution to energy-efficient façades

  • High load capacity: The high mechanical load capacity is similar to that of aluminum brackets.
  • Reliable insulation: 1,000 times lower conductivity leads to an improved insulation and options to enlarge interior space.
  • Fire resistant: Composite material made with Desmocomp® resin is the only commercially available resin which combines high load capacity and high flame retardancy.
  • More sustainable: Less insulation achieves the same high thermal efficiency, saving CO2 emissions.
  • Space-saving: Because less insulation is needed, more living or floor space is possible.

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