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Discontinuous rigid foam: Complete polyurethane systems for insulation

Discontinuous rigid polyurethane (PU) foam provides excellent insulation in a variety of applications creating more sustainable uses of energy. In both warm temperature applications like district heating and water heaters and lower temperature applications like refrigerated trailers and shipping containers PU insulating foam helps use the minimum amount of energy.
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Polyurethane that combines freedom of design with versatile functionality
Rigid polyurethane foam for thermal insulation
Rigid discontinuous foams are mainly used in insulation applications. We offer two polyurethane systems for their production:
• Baytherm® where excellent insulation is required for energy efficient appliances, district heating pipes, water heaters, refrigerated transport and building products. From keeping our food at safe storage temperatures throughout the supply chain to keeping our homes comfortable in all seasons, PU rigid insulation foam is the best choice of insulation for sustainability, economics and energy efficiency.
• Baydur® for window insulation, housings Rigid discontinuous foams are mainly used in insulation applications.

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