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Flexible slabstock foam: High-quality raw materials for slabstock production

Slabstock production leads to foam blocks which may be transformed by cutting or other technologies to create a wide variety of foam products including mattress cores. We offer high-quality raw materials and fully formulated systems for this segment.
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High-performance, low-mono-ol polyether polyol for adhesives, coatings and specialty applications
A family of polyether polyol products for multiple urethane applications
Polyisocyanates for a wide range of PU foams, coatings and adhesives
A wide range of polyols for high-performance polyurethane applications
Polyether and polymer polyols for a broad range of urethane foams
Polyether and polyester polyols for a wide range of PU applications
Polyether polyol for viscoelastic foam
Polyether polyols for high-quality soft furniture and mattresses.
Flexible foam is formed by reacting polyol and isocyanate as key raw materials. This liquid reaction mix is poured onto a continuous laminator, resulting in a continuous rectangular foam block. After leaving the laminator, the flexible foam is cut into smaller blocks (up to 60 m) and stored for final curing and further processing into the required products. Most flexible foam blocks have a density between 15 and 60 kg/m³ and are used in the production of mattresses or furniture. Different foam types, such as conventional foam, high resilience (HR) foam, polyester-based foam and viscoelastic foam can be produced based on this technology. We offer a wide variety of raw materials, mostly polyols and isocyanates, for the production of slabstock foam. Suitable polyols are offered under the brands Desmophen®, Arcol®, Acclaim®, Hyperlite®, Multranol®, Softcel® and Ultracel®. We also carry isocyanates under the brand names Desmodur® and Mondur®.

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