Lightweight, durable surfaces for automotive applications

At Covestro, we offer a portfolio of polyurethane solutions that solve challenges facing the automotive industry. By collaborating with our industry partners, we keep a pulse on the changing needs of automakers and are continuously innovating to ensure that our solutions are up for the task.
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Introducing U-SKIN,  a polyurethane-based application for the North American automotive market 

Recognizing the need for a strong, lightweight automotive component with a durable, tactile surface, our automotive team partnered with Valley Enterprises, a Gemini Group company, to address this gap. We teamed up to produce U-SKIN, an innovative material solution that integrates our Baypreg® and Bayflex® technologies. This combination of Baypreg® and Bayflex® results in a durable, lightweight polyurethane surface for automotive interior and exterior applications, including load floors. 

To learn more about our polyurethane material solutions for the automotive industry, contact:

Gamaliel Martinez 
Polyurethanes Marketing - Automotive

“This new U-SKIN technology has the potential to be used in a variety of automotive interior and exterior applications, and it will keep your automotive development at the forefront of industry trends like light-weighting and specialized surfaces.”

Eric Denison

VP of Sales and Marketing, Polyurethane Systems Covestro LLC

Key Benefits

  • Lightweight: The honeycomb-structured interior of U-SKIN makes it incredibly lightweight, without sacrificing loadbearing strength.
  • Specialized Surface: Soft-touch, easy-to-clean, protective surfaces for automotive interiors.
  • High Traction: The surface of U-SKIN exhibits high traction compared to traditional carpet surfaces, minimizing the risk of cargo sliding during the ride.
  • Durable: Extremely wear resistant; water-, weather- and UV-resistant options also available.
  • Production: Integral B-side production process.

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