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Reactive polyurethane adhesives can be formulated for many adhesive application

Reactive adhesives are attractive for many applications. Their properties can be controlled through careful selection of the reactive components. Thanks to their variable polyol and polyisocyanate components, reactive polyurethane adhesives can be formulated with the required properties for almost any adhesive application.
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Reactive polyurethane adhesives form strong bonds with a variety of different substrates. Their reactivity can be adjusted to meet the requirements of individual production processes. Given the wide range of polyol and polyisocyanate chemistries available, reactive polyurethane adhesives can be formulated with a vast array of properties. The physical and adhesive properties of reactive adhesive films are determined by:

Functionality and molecular weight of the polyol
Type, functionality and NCO content of the polyisocyanate
Number of urethane and/or polyurea groups
Crosslinking density

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We offer a broad range of products for the formulation of one- (1K) and two-component (2K) reactive adhesives for use in construction, automotive, footwear, furniture and food packaging applications. Our portfolio includes:

Polyether polyols, including diols and triols 
Polyester polyols 
Polycarbonate diols 
Monomeric TDI 
Monomeric and polymeric MDI polyisocyanates 
Aliphatic polyisocyanates 
MDI prepolymers 
Low free-monomer prepolymers based on TDI, HDI and IPDI

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