Design meets function with wearable healthcare patches

Putting patient comfort first: Platilon® and Baymedix® materials help to advance comfort and skin sensitivity in electronic skin patches, resulting in increased wearing comfort and ultimately enabling a more patient-centric approach.
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Rendering of wearable patch design study, in this case a wristband
From patient monitoring to diagnostics, medical monitoring patches are used in many areas of healthcare. Most patients using a wearable device for medical monitoring need to wear the device day and night, often resulting in various types of discomfort. An improved design can help mitigate this discomfort.  A new prototype developed by Entwurfreich  GmbH, Germany, uses special breathable thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) films from the Platilon® range  and thermo-formable foam made from Baymedix®, resulting in a lightweight and flexible solution for patients. 

Especially in the smart wearable sector, it is essential to move away from a product that has a classic medical technology look to a product that consumers like to wear.

Simon Gorski

CEO & Founder Entwurfreich

Materials for the next generation of electronic patches

The future is now focused on digitalized healthcare and we’re taking action by combining breathable thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) films on which electronics can be printed with skin-compatible foam and adhesive so that the patch firmly adheres to the skin, without causing skin irritation. The thermos-formable foam  and adhesive are based on Baymedix® polyurethane raw materials. Soft and flexible patches which use these materials offer patients more freedom of movement and support different applications for vital sign monitoring. At the same time, this opens up the option to make wearable patches a fashion accessory for those required to wear them. In terms of design, there are two options: a hardly visible patch for patients who may not want others to see their patch; and a fashion-forward patch for patients who wear their patch with pride.

Complete solution for modern wearable patches

We collaborated with the Holst Centre by providing materials to create a prototype of an electronic skin patch. The prototype is made with special breathable thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) films from the Platilon® range making it not only lightweight but flexible, too.
The electronics are printed on a breathable TPU-film  from the  Platilon® range and embedded in thermoformable polyurethane foam covered with a second film layer for improved wearing comfort. The patch is then fixed with a special skin-compatible polyurethane adhesive, which adheres firmly to the skin but allows painless removal of the patch. The adhesive system and the thermoformable foam are based on Baymedix® polyurethane raw materials. Our materials thus offer a key contribution to modern and high-performance wearable patches.
Prototype made in co-operation with Holst Center

“Covestro offers material solutions for improved design compared to current products on the market. The range we offer is a response to the growing customer demand for materials with increased wearing comfort.”

Marco Ahlswede

Application Development Manager, Specialty Films

Key benefits

  • Skin-friendly  Breathable and low-trauma materials
  • Comfortable The patch is soft yet lightweight. It adheres firmly to the skin but allows painless removal.
  • Nearly invisible or fashion forward Patches made with our materials can be used both for patients who prefer to keep the patch private and for those who enjoy wearing it as a fashion accessory.
  • Efficient Designed for customers using a roll-to-roll manufacturing process.

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