Platilon® XM – extra matte TPU medical-grade film with low reflection and low friction properties

Very few medical films provide an extra matte surface. Since we created a production solution for blown thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) film with a low-friction, low-reflection and skin-friendly surface, healthcare providers have put Platilon® XM films to use in a range of medical applications.
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Many medical applications require a comfortable, low-friction extra matte surface

There is a high demand for medical films that combine design, comfort and extended wear in one cost-effective product.

Covestro produces a blown film made of TPU with an extra matte surface; a second-skin-type material thanks to its soft haptics. The market response to this production process was swift and strong, as customers from many fields preferred our cost-effective Platilon® XM blown film to solvent-cast films.

Softer, more breathable extended wear surfaces in a range of colors

Platilon®XM films can be used in wound dressings, healthcare patches and other medical devices that require high breathability to keep the item in place on the skin for the required time. Thanks to their matte appearance and high flexibility, Platilon® XM films can be used to produce wound dressings with a second-skin performance in a variety of thicknesses tailored to a range of various applications.
To meet global demands and adapt our product to a range of skin pigmentations, we have steadily added new colors. A silky, natural appearance is available in a range of skin tones, making wound dressings and patches much less visible.
At the same time, a softer and warmer skin contact can improve wearing comfort for the patient; especially important for applications such as therapeutic gel pads and medical mattresses.
Wearable electronic skin patch with Platilon® XM film

Durable material resists wear and tear and stays in place longer

Skin patches and wound dressings require a low-friction surface that does not interfere with the fabric of one’s clothing, while staying firmly in place.

Medical devices made with low-friction Platilon® XM films adhere to the skin longer because they minimize friction with textiles. A premature replacement of dressings and patches is avoided , helping to reduce costs for healthcare providers.

Designers of medical devices and healthcare wearables can achieve a snug and resilient second-skin effect, even with patches with integrated electronics. Medical mattresses or any other positioning device made of silicone gel can also combine this tear and puncture resistance with a capacity to withstand heavy loads.

Low reflection contributes to higher safety in the operating theater

Platilon® XM low-reflection films are a good option in brightly lit operating theaters. The film is often used in incision films and other surgical drapes. The resulting benefit is less reflection which surgeons find disturbing during their critical work.

Medical patches and dressings made of Platilon® extra matte TPU films are skin-friendly, are soft to the touch, and are very comfortable to wear. Low friction means they won’t get caught on clothing easily and will stay longer in place on the skin. This helps to avoid early replacement cycles and thus can help to reduce the costs of patient treatment.

Jeff Motley

Key Account Manager Woundcare, Covestro LLC

Key Benefits

  • Comfortable to wear: Patches and dressings have a soft feel, a natural look and stay in place.
  • Skin-friendly:  Platilon® XM films are breathable and low-friction so they won’t interfere with clothing.
  • Low reflection:  Extra matte surfaces reduce disturbing reflection in bright operating rooms.
  • Cost effective: Manufacturing with blown film technology accounts for competitive prices.
  • Almost invisible: Platilon® XM films come in a range of skin colors and thicknesses.

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