Desmorapid® catalysts for fast, flexible PU processing

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Desmorapid® stands for a range of catalysts which are needed for the processing of polyurethane raw materials and systems. They are mainly used in combination with our Baymer® and/or Desmodur® products to produce rigid foams. These versatile catalysts can be used to adjust your production processes to varying requirements.

Catalysts enhance the efficiency of processes by allowing reactions to occur at lower energy and temperature thresholds. Our customizable range of Desmorapid® polyurethane catalysts lets you modify the reactivity of your formulations based on your needs. Typical applications include foam for insulation boards and metal panels. They can also be integrated as an accelerator in polyurethane coatings such as automotive refinish topcoats to speed up drying and curing and reduce pot life.


Key Benefits

  • Tunable: Flexible customization based on your requirements.
  • Versatile: Suitable for a wide range of polyurethane applications.

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