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In metal cans and other rigid metal packaging, our broad range of saturated polyester coating resins is helping the industry move away from less sustainable raw materials towards more sustainable alternatives – all the while staying true to our long-established reputation.
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Waterborne PU dispersions for fiber sizing
Polyisocyanates for a wide range of PU foams, coatings and adhesives
Waterborne alkyds and polyesters for a variety of applications.
Powder coating for heat-sensitive substrates
In this business we are known for our durable and highly adhesive resins that are flexible enough to work with a wide range of different products. And which enable the high line speeds that are so important to manufacturers. From caps and closures to aerosols, and from tubes to both two-piece cans and three-piece cans, our resins for white base coat and overprint varnish can do the job.

BPA-NI (bisphenol non-intent)? Thanks to our innovation, yes we can!

“Here at Covestro, innovation is something that is happening every day, sometimes quietly in the background – but always with our customers.  
This is a fast-evolving business, but it is also about good old-fashioned values such as personal relationships – because without the commitment of our customers we would not be able to turn bright science into great products." 
"One great example is our work in developing tailor-made BPA-NI products that meet the increasingly tight regulations surrounding metal applications. Our polyester range developed for food contact is able to replace epoxy products containing BPA.  
Our products are used in gold, clear and white internals for all kinds of cans and closures. A lot of development is linked to various regulatory issues. For example, requests for the removal of materials like naphthalene and tin is increasing. We are your partner to make these products “regulatory friendly” and for helping you stay one step ahead of up-coming regulations."

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