Pioneering more sustainable toluene diisocyanate (TDI) via mass balance

TDI, a raw material for flexible polyurethane foam, provides a high level of comfort in everything from upholstered furniture to car seats to shoes. We can now significantly reduce CO₂ footprint, while maintaining excellent, comfort via mass balance in TDI production.
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The use of mass-balanced TDI in your application keeps quality high and greenhouse gas emissions low.

Renewable-attributed TDI is produced using the mass balance method. In this approach, raw materials derived from biomass or waste are fed in at an early stage of raw material extraction and mathematically attributed to the finished products. This saves fossil raw materials and reduces greenhouse gas emissions, while the quality of the TDI remains the same compared to purely fossil-based TDI. Manufacturers can continue to use their proven formulations, equipment and processes, while gradually transforming their product portfolio towards a more sustainable one and achieving their climate targets.
We manufacture the mass-balanced TDI in Dormagen, Germany, and in Caojing, China. Both sites are certified according to the ISCC PLUS standard.

Striving toward climate-neutral with mass-balanced TDI

Offering renewable-attributed TDI via mass balance is a next milestone towards making this important chemical raw material even more sustainable. Years ago, our unique gas phase technology already made the production of TDI more energy efficient. This allowed us to continue our path to climate-neutral production and the circular economy. By using renewable-attributed raw materials via mass balance, we strive to significantly reduce our indirect emissions in the supply chain, and to offer products with a reduced carbon footprint.
Customers can use mass-balanced TDI immediately in their production without any changeover, meaning it can be implemented rapidly and easily in existing production processes without the need for technical modification.

Sinomax: a pioneering partner for more sustainability

We have signed our first commercial supply contract with Sinomax, a global manufacturer and distributor of polyurethane comfort products based in China. Both companies share a clear commitment toward the circular economy, and Sinomax wants to be the first customer to use the mass balanced TDI to reduce its CO2 emissions. The mass-balanced TDI required for this is supplied by our Shanghai site. Thanks to the global presence of our Shanghai site, the company can supply larger amounts of renewable-attributed TDI. 

Introducing ‘CQ’ – our branding to underline our commitment to circularity

To reflect our commitment to circularity, and to make it even clearer how our products support our circular vision as well as your path towards sustainability, we are introducing a branding, ‘CQ,’ for our products that drive circularity. The branding suffix ‘CQ’ stands for circular intelligence. Together, C and Q underline how essential innovative solutions can drive circularity forward. The range of solutions carrying CQ will constantly grow. One of the first products available, with a significantly reduced carbon footprint, are Desmodur® CQ T80 and Desmodur® CQ T65. 

"With our shift to mass-balanced products, we are helping customers in various industries achieve their climate targets and drive the transition to a circular economy. At the same time, we are strengthening the use of alternative raw materials and reducing CO₂emissions along various value chains."

Sucheta Govil

Chief Commercial Officer of Covestro

More sustainable TDI reduces CO2 footprint for high-comfort

Renewable-attributed TDI for flexible foam

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Key Benefits

  • Sustainable: More sustainable TDI significantly reduces CO₂ emissions, cradle to gate.
  • Fast: It’s rapidly implementable, with consistently high quality.
  • Seamless: There is no need to alter proven formulations, equipment and processes.
  • Adaptable: More sustainable TDI supports gradual product changes to meet climate goals.

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