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Improving coating performance through complimentary chemistries
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From aesthetic design to safety and functionality, building products serve a wide variety of purposes and applications. Ideally, the coatings that are used on these elements should be durable, resilient, and provide excellent adhesion to multiple substrates. Through the use of complimentary chemistries and blending of compatible resins into one solution, Covestro materials allow formulators to achieve high-quality, waterborne coatings for a number of building and construction applications. 

At Covestro, we believe that higher performance doesn’t necessarily have to mean higher cost. Blending materials, such as versatile self-crosslinking acrylic dispersions (PACs) and robust polyurethane dispersions (PUDs), allows formulators to achieve higher performance without opting for the price of premium resins. Select dispersions from our Bayhydrol® product line raise the bar for performance and offer formulators the flexibility to explore new applications and materials, while simultaneously remaining cost competitive to the market. Overall, Bayhydrol® waterborne resins enable versatile, economical, and high-performance coatings for building products. 

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  • Versatile: Excellent adhesion on multiple substrates
  • Ease of use: One-component (1K) and two-component (2K) formulations possible
  • Compatible: Can be used in many different combinations to create a large portfolio of solutions
  • Fast-drying: Self-crosslinking dispersion for improved dry time
  • Durable: High chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, and block resistance; flexible without eliminating hardness
  • Economical: Enables higher performance without a premium price tag
  • Low-impact: Waterborne dispersions offer lower VOC and less odor compared to solvent-based technologies

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