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Wind power is one of the most promising renewable energy sources, but it does not currently match the efficiency and adoption levels of conventional energy sources. At Covestro we want to change the status quo by collaborating with wind blade and turbine manufacturers to develop and commercialize next-generation solutions.
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Wind power capacity is seeing significant annual growth across the globe, yet obstacles remain to achieving broader adoption. Collaborating with industry partners on new solutions to help make the total cost of wind energy more competitive supports Covestro’s commitment to sustainability. This focus, combined with the benefits of specialty polyurethanes, is priming the wind power industry for innovation.

Moving forward with the cost-efficient production of rotor blades

To make wind power more cost competitive with traditional energy resources, cost-efficient processes for manufacturing wind power turbines are in high demand. In addition, offshore wind farms require durable and easy-to-install protection solutions due to aggressive environmental conditions. Once in operation, the goal is for turbines to be used over a lengthy period with the lowest possible maintenance requirements.

To meet these challenges, we are working with key industry players to develop a novel polyurethane (PU) to help optimize blade design, reduce weight and reduce maintenance. Combining the new material and a manufacturing technology that is used in conjunction with glass fiber mats and an efficient production process is expected to shorten cycle times. The specialty PU also exhibits very good mechanical properties and meets many regulatory and industry performance standards.

The development of a new, novel polyurethane and its accompanying manufacturing technology brings a clear cost advantage for manufacturers. Its advantage over traditional epoxy resins is that it flows more easily and ensures better wetting of the glass fiber mats used for reinforcement.

Dirk Soontjens

Global Project Leader Wind, Covestro

Proven high-performance coating materials

Covestro has also developed a variety of proven coating solutions with higher cost efficiency. For instance, protective coatings based on Pasquick® technology for steel towers as well as gel coatings for turbine blades significantly boost productivity and ensure long-lasting performance with significantly reduced maintenance. This can be achieved because Pasquick® has a faster curing time and requires fewer layers than conventional corrosion protection.

Waterborne topcoats for blades based on Bayhydur® and Bayhydrol® provide long-lasting performance with low solvent emissions. Finally, we also offer leading-edge protection for rotor blades based on our Desmodur® line, providing long lasting protection against abrasion without maintenance.

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  • Pasquick® requires one layer less than conventional corrosion protection.
  • Bayhydur® and Bayhydrol® provide long-lasting performance with low solvent emissions.
  • Desmodur® provides long lasting protection against abrasion.
  • Polyurethane resin boosts efficiency and longevity of wind turbine blades.

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