Uralac® Powder on wood

Building a better tomorrow Uralac® Powder on wood provides a seamless, strong finish. Eco-friendly and durable, it is suitable for many wooden furniture applications.
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Our promise

We offer polyester and binder solutions for quality coatings at an affordable price. We fulfill the needs of customers who look for kitchen, bathroom and other wooden furniture applications with a seamless finish that is long lasting and durable. At the same time, our powder coating solutions are 100% solvent free and eco-friendly. 

No other solution is so simple and fast. Your coating process time will go from days to 30 minutes. In optimal cases, a single coating layer is enough for a perfect finish. This will make delivery to your customers faster than ever before. And no inventory is needed, since the material is ready to ship immediately after coating. 

At the same time, our solution is clean, as it is 100% solid and has no waste. No water or solvents are released, so you will not need expensive filters. A move from liquid to powder coating will significantly reduce your coated m² price.

Eco-friendly solution

You can realize a 75% reduction of your paint's carbon footprint  by using a Uralac®-based powder coating solution, instead of a  conventional solvent-borne paint. 
The reductions in waste and pollution have great environmental benefits. Not only does Uralac® based powder coating give higher quality, it is cost effective and has a green proposition all-in-one!

Our Powder on wood technologies

All Uralac® Engain products are non-blooming at cure temperature, have a good flexibility, and are suitable for heat-sensitive substrates.  

The polyester-/epoxy-based systems are suitable for fine- and coarse-textured finishes. Possible finishes are: low-gloss smooth, fine and coarse texture, transparent clear coating, and non-yellowing outdoor coatings. A full portfolio is available.

Uralac® P 3050

This grade has a Tg of 67°C and offers a very fast, 3-minute cure at 150°C in an IR oven, plus great storage stability. 

Uralac® P 3150

This grade has a Tg of 63°C and offers a fast, 4-minute cure at 160°C in an IR oven, plus good storage stability.

Uralac® P 3250

This grade has a Tg of 53°C and offers a fast, 4-minute cure at 160°C in an IR oven, as well as improved flow.

In our portfolio, you will also find our  Uralac® Ultra technology for transparent, smooth coatings for heat-sensitive substrates, including metal, MDF and engineered wood.

End-user benefits

  • Design freedom
  • ​Quality finish
  • ​Robust & durable
  • ​Humidity resistant
  • ​No delamination
  • ​Scratch resistant
  • ​Stain resistant & easy to clean
  • Non-yellowing & UV resistant (special grades)

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