Makrolon® supports unerring quality in archery equipment

In archery, bow and arrow technology is continuously evolving. That also applies to the nock of an arrow – the notched tip that briefly clasps the bowstring before the arrow takes flight. With high-quality Makrolon® polycarbonate, arrow nocks from Werner Beiter hit the target, time after time.
Werner Beiter is a premium manufacturer of archery accessories based in Germany. Since its inception, the company has consistently sought to refine its arrow nock range thanks to high-quality injection molding – and the right materials. 

Find a durable and eye-catching thermoplastic

As a pioneer in precision injection molding, Werner Beiter has always been at the forefront of new material and process solutions. For its premium arrow nocks, the company required a polycarbonate material that provided durability and a range of color options.

High-strength, colorful Makrolon® 2805

For its premium arrow nocks, Werner Beiter chose our Makrolon® 2805 polycarbonate – all the way back in 1985. Thanks to its mechanical strength as well as the specialty colors developed for the application, Makrolon® is the key to the nocks’ outstanding quality. For decades, Werner Beiter nocks have enjoyed a strong international reputation, ultimately due to their remarkable durability, coupled with a visual effect that enables an archer to see the arrow’s point of impact, even from considerable distances.

Why Makrolon® 2805 was the right solution for Werner Beiter

  • Strong: High-strength Makrolon® withstands mechanical tension and stress.
  • Specialty colors: Available in a wide variety of colors.
  • Lightweight: High performance in a light package.
  • Highly flowable: Suitable for efficient, one-piece injection molding.

Set new standards in nock production

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