Time to shine: the new 2K Clear Coat Capsule from Covestro

With Dockit® you can prepare 2K clearcoats for automotive refinishing in seconds. The novel packaging solution contains clear coat and hardener in the perfect mix ratio. At the press of a button, the clear coat is ready for use and can be applied as usual using a spray gun. Time to shine!
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A professional vehicle finish without time-consuming mixing

As a professional, you rely on modern clear coat systems with hardener for automotive refinishing. In the process, you prepare the two-component clearcoats by hand – a routine that costs valuable time every day and where mistakes can happen.
To significantly simplify coating preparation, we have developed the innovative Dockit® capsule system. With the new 2K clear coat capsule, the desired clear coat is ready for paint in seconds. Simply press the button, shake the capsule and screw it onto the spray gun – that's it! 
This way, you save yourself the manual mixing of  clearcoat and hardener and can immediately start applying the paint to the vehicle as usual with your spray gun. 
Dockit®: Clearcoat preparation in three simple steps

Easy clear coat preparation: three simple steps – one capsule

Dockit® simplifies the preparation of the 2K clearcoat by combining the entire mixing process in a single capsule. This contains clear coat and hardener, precisely proportioned in two chambers. At the push of a button, the components flow into one another – the coating is ready exactly when it is needed. This allows you to concentrate fully on what really counts: a flawless finish that delights your customers!

Quickly and safely achieve glossy paint results

The manual preparation of 2K clearcoats is part of the daily work in many paint shops. Even if measuring, weighing, and mixing the components are purely routine tasks for a seasoned expert,all in all, these tasks still take time away from the actual painting process. And if a mistake is made when preparing the clearcoat, the result can also be affected. In the worst case, financial losses are the consequence. 
So play it safe: With the 2K clear coat capsule, you can achieve a glossy finish quickly and reliably.

The 2K clear coat system: by professionals, for professionals 

With Dockit®, you perform automotive refinishing as professionally as you’re used to. You do not need any additional equipment: the set can be easily coupled with your spray gun via adapter. Not looking to change your usual clear coat? You don't have to, because most common 2K clear coats can be used in Dockit® capsules. So everything is as usual – only better!

“With the 2K clear coat capsule, we offer professional automotive painters real added value: simplification of their daily routine with full concentration on the actual painting process.”

Marc Schreiber

Business Development Dockit®, Covestro

Key Benefits

  • More freedom: Less effort for preparation, more freedom for your creativity.
  • Dependable:  You always achieve a perfect mixing ratio of clearcoat and hardener.
  • Clean:  The capsule protects the basic components from dust and dirt.
  • Quick:  The coating is ready for use at the touch of a button – without interrupting your work.
  • Ready for immediate use: You do not need any additional equipment to use Dockit®.
  • Maximum compatibility:  Dockit® can be coupled with your spray gun via an adapter.
  • Your usual clear coat: Most common 2K clear coats can be used in Dockit® capsules.

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