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Affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the “stay-at home-economy” of online education and working from home has grown. The global laptop market has changed from a consistent stable to an uptrend. According to the data from International Date Corporation (IDC), in 2020, global PC market shipments exceeded 300 million units, a 13.1 % growth year-on year. In accordance with IDC's forecast, the computer market will continue to be active due to the pandemic, and shipments will continue to rise.
In addition, as technology continuously advances, customers have increasingly demanding requirements for laptops in areas such as portability, design sense, eco-friendly attributes, etc.
In this context, Covestro has launched a whole set of material solutions exclusively for laptops. Materials in these solutions possess a variety of excellent properties: high rigidity, high strength, Thinwall flame-retardantcy &, colour flexibility and low carbon. Covestro not only ensures the functions of the computers, but also aesthetics and sustainable development.

Lighter, thinner and stronger

As one of the crucial tools for white collar workers, commercial  laptops are expected to be easy to carry and as such, need to be high-performance and portable.
Covestro’s carbon fiber reinforced Polycarbonate and thinwall flame-retardantcy solutions are the best choices for commercial  laptops models which can achieve much more light weight comparing to aluminum meanwhile still maintain the excellent mechanical performance and meet the safety requirements.

When materials meet with aesthetics

More and more young customers are willing to buy netbooks. Besides the lightness and portablility, the most obvious feature is their fashionable and colourful appearance, attracting numerous students, designers and other professionals. 
As a Porlycarbonate material supplier of consumer electronic devices, Covestro has built up  its professional capabilities in the field of CMF (colour, material and finishing) to meet the growing design needs of electronics customers. The global colour and design department of Covestro's polycarbonate business unit can provide polycarbonate colour matching services with global unified quality. They also released the CMF trend colour palette in 2020 dedicately for Consumer Electronics & Home Appliances on the basis of polycarbonate materials.
Through professional colour matching services and rich material experiences, Covestro is able to combine design aesthetics with functions, materializing  innovative personalized designs. A bland laptop can be turned into a stylish electronic device through this process. This transition has brought computer designers and end consumers a new CMF experience.

As a world-leading polycarbonate supplier, we not only provide laptop manufacturers with high-performancepolycarbonate solutions, but also CMF design services , turning a laptop to a stylish electronic gadget. Additonally, by using PCR materials and partly renewable raw materials, we are also committed to help our customers practice circular economy from the start, to achieve carbon neutrality and build a sustainable society.

Lucia Wang

Marketing Manager of Polycarbonates in Covestro

Turn plastic waste into gadgets

The laptop-led consumer electronics industry has been at the forefront of environmental protection. Methods to ensure reduced impact on the environment during production and the correct disposal of discarded electronics is the top agenda for many computer manufacturers.
Covestro’s PCR (post-consumer recycling) product portfolio-Bayblend®, Makron® and Makroblend® use upgraded recycling technology to provide 20%-75% PCR polycarbonate materials for laptop shells. Covestro's PCR recyclable materials feature traceability and high quality. Covestro is committed to working with all parties in the industrial chain to regenerate waste plastics and apply them to the production of laptops to reduce the impact of plastics on the environment.
Additionally, Covestro has cooperated with upstream suppliers Neste and Borealis. They have produced a renewable phenol-rPhenol, which is certified by ISCC Plus via mass-balance. Then Covestro further processed r-Phenol into polycarbonate  materialsor laptops. Covestro can help customers to reduce carbon footprint from the source of materials, supporting to improve carbon footprint to achieve carbon neutrality.

Key Benefits

  • Lighter, more portable Covestro’s carbon fiber reinforced polycarbonates solution can help commercial laptops to get lighter, thinner and more portable, adapting today’s mobile office needs.
  • More colourful, more aesthetic  For young consumers like designers and students, professional CMF teams at Covestro can turn design aesthetic designs into reality, turning laptops into coluorful and cool electronic gadgets.
  • More eco-friendly, assisting clients to achieve carbon-neutrality Reducing carbon emissions. Assisting clients in attracting more eco-friendly users by applying recycling materials. While enhancing brand value, it further presents corporate social responsibility.

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