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Soft, springy piSpring® mattress topper with Desmodur® white

The new piSpring® aliphatic foam mattress topper from Holyfoam unites softness, high elasticity, and high sleep comfort. This ‘360-degree dynamic micro force feedback’ is enabled by the Desmodur® white hardener. The piSpring® aliphatic foam product is now used by several major global bedding brands.

Apply aliphatic PU foam technology for a good night’s sleep

Holyfoam, a manufacturer of flexible polyurethane (PU) foams known for its success in the appliance & lingerie industry, has expanded its product range to include a mattress topper. Mattress makers are on a permanent quest to increase sleeping comfort by balancing body pressure release and rebound support in their mattresses, along with haptic performance and breathability to assure a good night’s rest.  Holyfoam turned to us when they needed a material solution for their new piSpring® mattress toppers.

Resolve the softness v. elasticity dilemma posed by PU foams

When it comes to mattresses, polyurethane foams often mean a compromise between two aspects of comfort. The softer or more viscoelastic the PU foam, the less rebound performance it tends to offer. In contrast, PU foams with high elasticity and recovery often mean a harder surface feel. A new material was needed that could solve this core dilemma while also ensuring a hygienic, colorfast product that resists yellowing.

Desmodur® white: elasticity and rebound in piSpring® topper

Our Desmodur® white hardener creates a new category of aliphatic PU foams that combine softness and elastic rebound in the piSpring® mattress topper, labelled ‘360-degree dynamic micro force feedback’. Flexible molecular chains in the foam are matched with highly crosslinked segments that allow the molecules to quickly regain their original position in the foam structure.  This enables PU foams that are soft and flexible at the same time, with attractive colorfastness for the bedding industry.

Covestro’s Desmodur® white product enabled our piSpring® mattress topper with unique properties of softness and resilience, delivering ‘360-degree dynamic micro resilience’ that provide excellent user experiences on pressure relief and calm sleep.

Dr. Huang, Shih-Ying

C.O.O., Holyfoam Chemical Industry Group

Desmodur® white hardener unlocks aliphatic PU mattress foams that unite softness and rebound.

Soft yet springy PU foam mattress topper

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Key Benefits

  • 360-degree rebound: The soft yet springy foam provides even body support with 360-degree rebound.
  • Breathable: Higher open-cell content and larger cell sizes ensure an airy, cool comfort.
  • Colorfast: Desmodur® white aliphatic hardener ensures a look that is white and hygienic.
  • Soft touch: piSpring® topper unites a pleasing soft touch with springiness for a good sleep.
  • Washable: Colorfast, soft piSpring® mattress toppers can be washed at up to 95°C.

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