Baytuft® Polyurethane carpet backings with improved tuft bind

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Baytuft® polyurethane isocyanates are specifically for use in froth processing. Although primarily used to create polyurethane turf and carpet backings with improved tuft bind, Baytuft® provides a great deal of flexibility across a broad range of applications.

An excellent material for both high-density and low-density carpet backings. Baytuft® is equally adaptable for use in industrial cushions and pads. Tailor-made modifications to our broad polyurethanes’ portfolio can give you exactly the customized solution you are looking for.

Featured Products

Baytuft® 751A
modified polymeric diphenylmethane diisocyanate; NCO, Wt. % 27.1 - 28.1
Baytuft® 752A
modified polymeric diphenylmethane polyisocyanate; NCO, WT. % 26.9 - 27.7

Key Benefits

  • Flexible: They can be applied across a broad range of applications.
  • Customizable: We can create a froth system precisely matched to your needs.

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