Baytec® elastomers cover multiple production processes

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We supply polyurethane elastomer systems for a variety of production processes under the umbrella brand Baytec®. All these systems are much sought after for their elastic, tear-resistant and water-resistant properties, which can be tailored around the particular requirements of the applications you plan to create.

The processes that Baytec® products enable range from cold-casting systems through highly reactive systems applied by spraying, to hot-casting systems with extremely high mechanical strengths. And Baytec® is also particularly well-suited to economical, automated production.

Featured Products

Baytec® ENC-140P
polyether polyol; epoxy-modified polypropylene oxide-based triol; functionality 3; typical OH No. 222 mg KOH/g; typical viscosity 1,350 mPa-s @ 25°C
Baytec® ENC-340P
polyether polyol; polypropylene oxide-based triol; functionality 3; typical OH No. 56 mg KOH/g; typical molecular weight 3,000; typical viscosity 500 mPa-s @ 25°C
Baytec® XL 30EL08
Based on polyether polyols and contains aromatic amine. At room temperature it is a brown, high-viscosity liquid. It is used as a catalyst in the production of Baytec Reactive polyurethane elastomers for rotational casting.

Key Benefits

  • Versatile: Can be applied in cold-casting-, highly reactive-, and hot-casting systems.
  • Durable: Builds wear- and tear-resistance into your intended application.
  • Economical: Materials are well suited to largely automated production.

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