Polycarbonates help propel animal drug delivery breakthrough

Wearable drug delivery devices give patients a newfound freedom through at-home treatment. Despite these strides, animals are still often kept at animal hospitals with limited mobility. Using polycarbonate materials from Covestro, RxActuator designed an innovative device that is advancing drug delivery for animals.
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Improve drug delivery for small companion animals

To change how veterinarians deliver pain medication to dogs and cats, RxActuator created what it deems to be the first wearable drug delivery device designed for small companion animals: the Mini-Infuser™ Subcutaneous Constant Rate Infusion (SQ-CRI) pump. According to RxActuator, this device is unique in that it achieves constant and reliable infusion without any electronics. It’s also more cost-effective than a regular infusion pump.


Find the right materials for a comfortable, durable wearable

RxActuator set out to design an easy-to-use wearable that, according to the company, improves treatment by reducing the risk of medication errors, allowing animals to maintain mobility during drug delivery and enabling owners to take their pets home. The manufacturer needed the right polycarbonate materials to create this dog-proof drug delivery device.

We think of our four-legged companions as members of our families, so naturally we want them to be as comfortable as possible when medicine must be administered. We appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with RxActuator on an innovative device that does just that.

Lauren Zetts

Americas segment manager, Healthcare – Polycarbonates


Life-enhancing solutions with Covestro polycarbonates

Good chemical and impact resistance are key attributes for RxActuator’s device, which is why Covestro provided two easy-to-mold polycarbonate materials with these properties. White Bayblend® T85 XF PC+ABS blend is used for the Mini-Infuser™ pump’s case, while the trim utilizes clear Makrolon® Rx1805 polycarbonate in a blue tint. The device is sold directly in North America and worldwide by RxActuator, and distributed by REM Systems in Australia and New Zealand.

With its wealth of materials and technical knowledge, Covestro was able to recommend the right polycarbonate grades to help us create an innovative and dog-proof drug delivery device for the veterinary industry.

Doug Nutter

Chief Marketing Officer

Why Bayblend® T85 XF PC+ABS blend and Makrolon® Rx1805 polycarbonate are the right materials for RxActuator

  • Durable Both materials offer good chemical and impact resistance
  • Biocompatible Makrolon® Rx1805 is suitable for medical applications

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