Get your 24-hour coating job done in just 6. Why not?

Construction coating projects often cause significant downtime on site, costing time and money. Our highly efficient and versatile Pasquick® technology gives contractors more flexibility and allows a faster return to operations. Get your 24 hour coatings job done in just 6.
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 Pasquick® construction core benefits

  • Faster curing
  • Quick return to operation
  • High level of protection
  • Easy application for professional users
  • Increased cost efficiency
  • In line with VOC regulation

Construction technology

Pasquick® technology cures up to eight times faster than conventional floor coating systems and is ideal both for interior and exterior applications. This makes it a unique solution in the market for construction coatings. Learn more about the experiences of the contractors from our case studies. 

The inventive Pasquick® technology of Covestro combines fast return to service, aesthetics and durability. 

With coatings based on Pasquick® technology you can complete your floor coating project in just one day and avoid unnecessary profit losses.

Get in touch with our partners providing Pasquick® based coatings for professional users and commercial projects in construction. 

"The Pasquick® technology is perfectly suited to meeting the requirements of minimal construction site downtime without any concession to performance or handling.”

Alain Brosset

General Manager Europe Resine

Your construction benefits in detail

  • Faster curing:  Pasquick® features a significantly reduced curing time. It is up to eight times faster than conventional floor coating systems, helping contractors to meet tight project deadlines.
  • Easy application for professional users:  Pasquick® can be easily applied by hand by professional users with their standard working equipment, and a sufficient pot life reduces time pressure and minimizes the failure potential for projects.
  • Quick return to operation:  In public spaces, logistic center floors and many other building types it is essential to keep renovating times as short as possible to minimize loss of profit and inconvenience for residents. Pasquick® offers the ideal solution for this challenge.
  • Increased cost efficiency:  Thanks to the rapid curing properties of Pasquick® and the possibility to reduce the number of coating layers, both public and commercial building owners can profit from lower overall costs for coating projects.
  • High level of protection:  A building's floor surfaces have to endure a great deal — sunlight, chemical and physical stresses. The long-term field-proven Pasquick® coating systems provide concrete substrates a lightfast and easy to clean resistant protective coating that preserves the beauty of the floor space.
  • In line with VOC regulation:  Above all, Pasquick® is in line with relevant VOC regulation, such as the European "Decopaint" Directive (2004/42/EC).

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