German Design Council membership opens new doors to collaboration and innovation

We are dedicated to helping designers and color, material and finish (CMF) experts with their material and aesthetics needs. To engage even more designers and support their solutions, we joined the German Design Council—one of the world’s leading centers of expertise on design.
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Dr. Christopher Stillings is vice president, global head of Color & Design – Polycarbonates at Covestro. Hans-Eberhard Stein is an industrial designer at Covestro.

Engaging with the design community to drive a design dialogue forward

The German Design Council is comprised of more than 300 members, including leading design and market-oriented companies across a variety of industries. With a focus on international exchange and support, the organization expanded its network in 2019 with a subsidiary in Shanghai. Members in China gain competitive advantages through a mutual exchange of ideas. Additionally, this expanded network brings German foundation members more visibility in China. We are also a member of the chapter and foundation in China.   

We are pushing the boundaries of aesthetics and design with our materials. As a member of the German Design Council, we can further collaborate with and support designers in their inspiration phase and through the design and CMF process.

Dr. Christopher Stillings

Vice President, Global Head of Color & Design – Polycarbonates, Covestro

We are always looking for new ways to network and collaborate with designers. As a member of the German Design Council, we can tap into a comprehensive network of key design decision makers, including company owners and directors, brand managers, innovation managers, digital strategists, design managers and creative directors.  

To support designers as they turn their concepts into reality, we help create solutions together and often apply a circular economy mindset. Dr. Christopher Stillings, vice president, global head of Color & Design – Polycarbonates, and Hans-Eberhard Stein, industrial designer, discussed our circular economy efforts, how we work with designers and the future of plastics in an interview on ndion—the content platform of the German Design Council.  

We see designers as the initiators of products that further develop circular concepts. Our materials portfolio offers designers a wide variety of possibilities to push boundaries and achieve the environment of tomorrow.

Hans-Eberhard Stein

Industrial Designer, Covestro

Insights shared in the interview include: 

  • Our collaboration with companies, users and designers is key as we transition toward a circular economy.  
  • Interaction with design creates the creative tension that’s needed for innovations.  
  • Not only do we want to be inspired by solutions, concepts and designers, but we also want to inspire others with our materials and capabilities. 
  • When looking ahead to the future of plastics, applications such as personal transport and wind turbines will rely on lightweight materials, such as plastics. 
  • There will also be an emphasis on the art of making more use of plastics where they create sustainable value. 

Read the full ndion interview here.

We are very happy to welcome Covestro—one of the world’s leading global polymer manufacturers—as a member of the German Design Council. Covestro stands for strong innovation in the areas of development and production, and brings a broad range of highly valued contacts to the global automotive, construction and furniture industries, and the electronic and electrical sectors. These relationships will strengthen and enhance the whole network of the German Design Council. We are looking forward to an intensive exchange and dialogue in the framework of our activities and working groups with the participation of Covestro, and to the upcoming opportunities to drive innovative projects and dialogues forward.

Lutz Dietzold

CEO, German Design Council

Key benefits

  • Enhanced network: As a German Design Council member, we engage with a strong network of designers.
  • Collaboration:  We work alongside designers to support their aesthetics and CMF needs.
  • Future forward: We support designers’ visionary concepts, including circular economy solutions.

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