Maximizing 5G connectivity: material and design solutions

The increasing pace of our world demands mobility and greater connectivity. 5G technology is set to deliver on the reality of a fully networked society. Building out the infrastructure at every level poses some challenges – and great opportunity.
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5G networks require new levels of RF transparent and heat dissipating materials

The potential in 5G communications is already driving demand, with adoption accelerating. Expectations are high for increased mobile speed, largely due to the insatiable appetite for video content.
Covestro is creating the materials that play a role in this new network infrastructure. Signal transmission and thermal management will be critical. 5G transmitters call for robust, low-loss materials to minimize radio frequency interference in the mmWave spectrum. 
Highly durable and tough, weatherable and able to beat the heat,  Makrolon® polycarbonate grades are ready for any 5G application.
View the video below to learn more about how our materials support 5G transmission.

Makrolon® polycarbonates  enable our 5G future

Beyond life-long reliability, 5G devices must also be small, lightweight and easy to deploy on outdoor structures such as streetlights, bus shelters and utility poles. Versatile Makrolon® polycarbonates offer outstanding property balance, including durability and moldability. And as a replacement for metal, they can help reduce cost and weight in your cutting-edge designs.

Optimizing a wide variety of 5G applications

From mobile phones to autonomous vehicles to augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR), 5G technology is creating a wealth of new product opportunities. Covestro offers application development services to match the right material to your use and ensure the success of your designs.
Our experts can help you choose the right materials,  optimize your design, and ensure consistent processing – to advance your 5G application through a successful launch.

We can help our customers explore design possibilities for 5G network infrastructure while ensuring excellent signal performance up to the mmWave spectrum. For this, we offer state-of-the-art testing facilities in a wide signal range of up to 50 GHz at our Asia-Pacific innovation center in Shanghai.

Dr. Fabian Grote

Industrial Marketing Manager, Covestro

Key Benefits

  • Thermal management Electrically insulating and heat dissipating
  • Signal transparency Excellent signal transmission to minimize RF interference, even at mm wavelengths
  • Weather and impact resistance Tough to withstand harsh environments of heat, cold and impact
  • Versatile Easily molded to suit any application
  • Lightweight Can replace metal for reduced weight and cost

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