Profiles & belts: Polyurethanes and PU elastomers for your application needs

Our extensive range of thermoplastic polyurethanes and PU elastomers contains dedicated options for the production of profiles, elevator belts and timing belts. But every application is slightly different, so we work with you to identify the materials best suited to your specific challenge.

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A variety of polyurethane elastomers for different processes
Polyisocyanates for a wide range of PU foams, coatings and adhesives
Thermoplastic polyurethanes

Key Benefts

  • Strong: High mechanical strength and dynamic load-bearing capacity.
  • Ultra-tough: High resistance to abrasion, impact, hydrolysis, and chemicals.
  • Flexible: Offer great flexibility with high tensile strength.
  • Ease of use: The right materials simplify casting, injection molding or extrusion.
  • Long lasting: Freedom from corrosion means longer servicing intervals.
Profiles, elevator belts and timing belts all need to be made from mechanically strong, flexible materials that can withstand grease, oil and wear and tear. In the case of timing belts, a robust solution is achieved by embedding metal cords in a cast polyurethane body, which is also highly elastic, tough and shock absorbent. Notably, cast polyurethanes can maintain flexibility over a significant temperature range (-30°C to 80°C with short term to 120°C). Desmodur®, Baytec®, and Desmopan® are all materials that can contribute to creating a unique solution. The latter is a thermoplastic polyurethane particularly well-suited to manufacturing profiles and for coating steel-core elevator belts due to its high load-bearing strength and consistent dimensional stability.

Why our elastomers are ideal for precision timing belts

Baytec® solid PU elastomers offer consistent dimensional stability and, thanks to their relatively hard cast polyurethanes, they maintain good flexibility without the use of a plasticizer. This equates to a stiffer overall system versus using a rubber belt such as neoprene. Our elastomers also do not harden and degrade with age to the degree that neoprene does. Furthermore, cast polyurethanes have unsurpassed abrasion resistance versus other plastics. They do not abrade particles that can contaminate critical components in your machinery, your product or your environment.

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