The Skins® family from Covestro give your branding ideas character.

These powerful overprint varnishes can add all kinds of great finishes and tactile effects to many different types of packaging, both food and non-food. They are excellent for coated or uncoated papers, boards, plastics and even aluminum.
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Our Skins® help you take packaging designs to another level. By adding contrasting textures and fresh color options, they create packaging innovations that make customers engage with products in a new way. They can be used on all kinds of materials and for all kinds of applications. They even give extra protection during processing and against moisture. Our Skins® can be applied in a single pass, so they won't slow your production down. Get in touch with us to learn how our Skins® can help you.


Our Skins® Rubbert, Sandy, Silky and Vel-Veeto are great on paper, board, corona pre-treated polyethylene (PE) and primered plastic materials. 

Key Benefits

  • Fast Apply in a single pass
  • Flexible Use on all kinds of materials
  • Versatile Suitable for all kinds of applications
  • Excellent for packaging Create packaging that makes a statement
  • Excellent for print Make print-work that stands out


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