Raking in improved product quality and production efficiency

Covestro will present the next generation of fixed plastic rakes (FPRs), which improve liquid material distribution in the production of metal panels and insulation boards. Compared to existing FPRs, the new FPR improves production speeds, material distribution, and the end product.
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Optimizing material distribution, faster production

Covestro will showcase its FPR for high-speed applications-an all-inclusive lay-down solution for the higher speed production of metal sandwich panels with lower thicknesses (20 to 50 millimeters) and of insulation boards on high-speed lines. The current production speed of existing FPRs is limited and only suitable for lower line speeds and/or outputs. With the Covestro solution, a production speed of more than 25 meters a minute with an output range of 90 to 120 kilograms a minute for insulation boards on high-speed lines can be achieved. For metal sandwich panels with a thickness between 20 to 50 mm, production speed is more than 11 meters a minute.

The Covestro FPR optimizes material distribution, ensuring uniform liquid material distribution, resulting in improved product quality, better mechanical product performance and a more robust process.

Polyurethane insulation helps reduce energy consumption and consequently, CO2 emissions. FPRs for high-speed insulation board and higher speed metal panel production lines enable a more efficient manufacturing process, improve final product quality, reduce losses and save energy along the entire product lifecycle.

Horst-Uwe Jung

Technical Sales Representative Polyurethanes, Covestro

An easy-to-use solution

The new FPRs allow for instant assembly due to their easy-click connector, requiring no further connectors and fittings. The ball-joint in the click-and-connect connector enables 3D seamless adjustability to adapt to individual processing needs. This results in a faster, easier and more accurate adjustment.

Covestro offers a full range of rake types with set widths between 350 and 1,250 millimeters and outputs of 8 to 120 kilograms a minute. This unique solution is adaptable to a majority of existing high-speed insulation board production lines and metal panel lines that run at elevated speeds, with a direct impact on the final product quality and production efficiency.

  • Enables higher production speed in comparison to existing solutions
  • Instant and simple assembly with a click-and-connect solution
  • 3D seamless adjustability to adapt to individual processing needs
  • Extended runtimes feasible
  • Improved mechanical product properties

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