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Baymedix® material solutions for medical and wearable applications

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Baymedix® offers a full range of tailor-made polyurethane products for medical applications. This includes materials for cast and dip-coated PU films, absorbent polyurethane foams, and low-trauma and breathable PU adhesives. And they all meet stringent standards for medical devices.

Baymedix® polyurethanes are advanced raw materials for wound care and other wearable applications. Our Baymedix® products support the healing process while offering numerous design possibilities. These medical-grade polyurethanes are used to manufacture solutions such as absorbent white foams with Baymedix® FP, breathable skin-friendly adhesives with Baymedix® A and waterborne polyurethane backing films based on Baymedix® FD and CD, as well as dip-coated surgical gloves using Baymedix® CD. When it comes to medical devices such as wearable patches, our high-performance Baymedix® adhesive is equipped to address patch fixation. Thermoformable foam based on Baymedix® FD is designed to support the embedding of electronics functions.

Featured Products

Baymedix® AP501
Baymedix AP501 is an aliphatic NCO-terminated prepolymer based on hexamethylene diisocyanate.
Baymedix® AR602
Baymedix AR602 is a polyether polyol based on a tetra-functional starter molecule.
Baymedix® CD104
Baymedix CD104 is an aqueous polyurethane dispersion.
Baymedix® FD103
Aqueous polyurethane dispersion.
Baymedix® FP520
Baymedix FP520 is a hydrophilic aliphatic polyisocyanate based on hexamethylene diisocyanate (HDI).

Key Benefits

  • Built-in expertise: Years of experience ensure our products meet stringent medical standards.
  • Skin-friendly: Our highly breathable and absorbent components improve moisture control.
  • Variable adhesion: Easy processing: one adhesive system creates several adhesive strengths.
  • Combination products: Direct foam-on-film or adhesive coating.
  • Easy functionalization: Problem-free addition of active agents such as anti-microbials.

Brochures & Downloads

BAYMEDIX Dispersions for non woven binding processes.pdf

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