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Fiber-reinforced plastics have captured markets in which low weight, anti-corrosive properties, low maintenance, and a need for prefabricated parts, combined with very good mechanical properties, are required and valued. But still, the consumption of these high-tech materials could be increased. One possible way to achieve this is to capture numerous high-volume, outdoor applications that currently use aluminum, steel, wood, or concrete. Unfortunately, many composite solutions available today are struggling with reliable long-term UV- and weathering- resistance. Furthermore, today’s UV-stable solutions are often too complex or costly to be competitive. Therefore, industries are still looking for the right lightweight outdoor solution.
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Desmocomp®: Our solution for outdoor applications

Desmocomp® is our solution for fiber-reinforced plastics designed primarily for outdoor applications. It is a thermoset matrix material based on aliphatic polyurethane, characterized by a unique performance profile.

The excellent inherent weathering- and UV-resistance of Desmocomp® protects the composites from degradation due to environmental effects, such as sunlight or salty climates. No UV stabilizers, no UV veils, and no protective coatings are required any longer. Furthermore, Desmocomp® displays excellent resistance against chemicals, anti-graffiti properties, as well as easy processing of a one-component PU system.

Desmocomp® widens the scope of polyurethane-based resins and opens the way to new applications for fiber-reinforced plastics.

Benefits of Desmocomp® in a nutshell

  • Inherent UV-stability and weather-resistance
  • Chemical-resistance and anti-graffiti properties
  • Flame-resistance (class Bs1d0 in accordance with DIN EN 13501-1:2010-01, flat pultruded profile, 80 wt% glass content)
  • Simple processing with standard equipment
  • Long pot life of a one-component polyurethane system


Pultrusion and infusion

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