No admittance for energy wasters

Let’s take China as an example. There, the government has been promoting more stringent energy targets and, in most areas of the country, the 65% energy-saving policy has been realized. To meet the requirements of buildings in terms of energy efficiency, traditional doors and windows have to be upgraded to energy-saving systems in the future.

Baydur® Pultrusion: Our safeguard for efficient insulation

As the inventor of polyurethanes, we have developed Baydur® Pultrusion, which can be used as a thermal-insulation material for doors and windows profiles.

Baydur® Pultrusion is a composite material made of polyurethane resin and reinforced glass fiber, produced by a patented pultrusion process. It can efficiently decrease the UVf value of doors and windows and also offers the possibility of improving the performance of door and window systems at a competitive costs.

Baydur® Pultrusion has a low linear-expansion coefficient close to the concrete and glass surrounding the windows. It also features high stiffness, low water-absorption, and low creep. Based on the GBT 7106-2008 performance classification and testing method of the airtightness, watertightness, and windload resistance for buildings in China, the door and window system can reach grade eight in airtightness, offering long-term stability and ultra-high airtightness.

Benefits of Baydur® Pultrusion in a nutshell

  • Outstanding thermal-insulation properties in combination with high stiffness
  • Excellent mechanical properties: high mechanical strength and high structural stiffness
  • Durability, stability, and resistance to corrosion
  • High fire-resistance
  • Environmentally friendly


Pultrusion and infusion

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