Marking a Colorful Garden Art Installation out of Recycled Bottles, Covestro is Fostering Circular Economy and CMF Design

April is full of flowers. The annual CHINAPLAS event was held as scheduled in the springtime in April 2021.
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This year, Covestro  displayed a special Colorful Garden Art Installation during the exhibition. The foundation is  made of PCR recycled Nongfu Spring buckets. It’s shaped like 28 beautiful flowers with colors based on the 24 colors in 2021-2022 CMF Color Trends.

The Colorful Garden Art Installation demonstrates the multiple colors, textures, different levels of transparency and gloss of Covestro PCR polycarbonates, and its high degree of design flexibility.

Covestro 2021-2022 CMF trend colors

In September 2020, Covestro cooperated with design studio Chris Lefteri Design to jointly release the CMF design trend brochure for automotive, electronics and appliance industries for 2021-2022. By designing new trend of aesthetic toolkits, Covestro has shown a breakthrough in the design superiority of polycarbonate materials, and expanded the audience, bringing in designers in addition to procurement, engineering and technical experts.
Covestro Colorful Garden Art Installation demonstrates the breakthrough color matching capabilities of Covestro’s PCR polycarbonate by adopting these new CMF color trends, such as Mellow Iridescence, Warm Dusk, Material Mix, Vibrant Pastels, Essence of Nature and more, showing that Covestro can provide customers with more market-competitive CMF solutions.
CMF Garden in Chinaplas2021

“The Colorful Garden Art Installation shows Covestro's pursuit of circular design. We recycle around 200 Nongfu Spring water bottles and shaped them as a beautiful garden. We gave those wasted bottles a new design and lease on life.”

Dr. Christopher Stillings

Vice President, Global Head of Color & Design – Polycarbonates, Covestro

PCR (post-consumption recycling) materials drive circular economy

Covestro has lately been focusing on the development of various post-consumer recycling polycarbonate solutions. Covestro cooperated with NongFu Spring and plastics recycling company Ausell to optimize the recycling efficiency of Nongfu Spring’s 19-liter polycarbonate barrels, which improved the traceability and quality of recycled materials, and extended the life of wasted bottles that are no longer in use. 
The displayed Covestro Colorful Garden Art Installation was made by around 200 recycling used water bottles. It combines the concept of circular design with CMF to bring a refreshing and innovative experience to booth visitors at CHINAPLAS.
After the exhibition, the installation will be recycled again by Ausell. Covestro will reprocess it into high-performance polycarbonates for future reuse in automotive, electronics and appliance industries.

“We hope to use these 28 flowers full of design and creativity to show the beauty of the ‘circular’ to the world. Each flower not only demonstrates the value of recycling, but also shows the design flexibility of polycarbonate, reflecting our forecast CMF trend for automobiles, electronics and appliances in 2021-2022.”

Emily Shi

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