Oil & gas: Desmodur® based elastomers deliver resistance to extreme conditions

Choosing the most durable materials is essential when developing high-quality equipment for tough environments. Building on decades of polyurethane elastomers experience, we offer leading polymer solutions with excellent properties for oil and gas applications.

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Key Benefits

  • Long-lasting: Improved product lifetime thanks to superior physical properties.
  • Cost-effective: Rapid molding for economical part production.
  • Robust: Resistant to wear and impact, hydrolysis, and liquid hydrocarbon absorption.
Our cast polyurethane systems are used for molding dedicated applications in the oil and gas industry. We provide technology that helps manufacturers produce components for pipeline protection, including stiffeners, bend restrictors and seals. We also offer material solutions for pipeline cleaning equipment such as pipeline inspection gauges (PIGs).
For offshore applications, our cast polyurethane Desmodur® based systems offer enduring performance for a longer product lifetime over other plastic resins or metals. They demonstrate superior physical properties in terms of resistance to impact, temperature, hydrolysis and hydrocarbons. The robust performance of our Desmodur® based systems give components used in onshore applications the required resistance to wear. Thanks to their ability to withstand tears and cuts, they enable long-lasting use of equipment.

Pipeline protection: Robust PU elastomers safeguard valuable resources

Any pipeline connected to an offshore platform is susceptible to failure, depending on its vulnerable points. Our cast PU elastomers can be used to create robust solutions for pipe protection such as strategically placed bend stiffeners and bend restrictors. For these components, Desmodur® offers significant protection against hydrolysis and corrosion for maximal longevity with minimal maintenance. Cast PU systems are also easy to customize for rapid, cost-effective installation with fewer risks in personal safety.

Pipeline cleaning: Cast PU systems help keep systems running smoothly

Oil and gas pipelines require frequent cleaning and inspection to ensure proper operation. For the demanding environments of the industry, cleaning devices and equipment require robust materials. Our cast PU elastomers can be used to mold cups and discs for pipeline inspection gauges (PIGs) used to clean and/or inspect pipelines. For these components, Desmodur® offers significant protection against abrasion and tear for maximal durability.

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