Animal identification tags: A tough material for a demanding application

Desmopan® thermoplastic polyurethanes include specialized grades created to meet the high demands of agricultural animal tagging. Selecting the right material for animal identification tags is essential because they typically have to withstand extreme conditions for several years.

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Thermoplastic polyurethanes

Key benefits

  • Ultra-durable: Designed for high wear-, abrasion- and weather- resistance.
  • Strong: The material has outstanding mechanical properties.
  • Long lasting: Has good microbe and hydrolysis resistance.
  • Short cycle times: Injection molding ensures ease of manufacture.
Constant exposure to UV, abrasion, and mechanical stress is the reality for materials employed in animal tagging.  Which is why we developed and tested specialized Desmopan® grades to fulfill the requirements of high-quality animal identification tags. These include:
•    High wear and abrasion resistance
•    Good mechanical properties
•    Good microbe and hydrolysis resistance
•    Resistance to weathering
•    Short cycle times
Our recommended injection molded TPU for animal ID tags is Desmopan 795 U. The material has strong UV stabilizers, good hydrolysis and excellent microbial resistance.

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