Bayblend® FR PCS+ABS blend takes charge for a safe and reliable battery

The Sonnenwagen is powered by the sun, but on rainy or cloudy days, the car runs on charged up solar energy from the battery cells. For a high-performing and reliable battery, these components are kept together using a battery cell holder based on our flame-retardant Bayblend® PC+ABS blend.
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Identify the right material for a reliable and protected battery

Bundling many cells in a small battery pack creates a high energy density - allowing more energy to be stored for days when the sun is away. Team Sonnenwagen used cylindrical batteries to accomplish this, and needed a cell holder to keep all of the components together. They turned to us for a robust, conductive and tough material to protect the battery from vibrations and the outside world while holding all of the cells together.

Find a lightweight, flame-retardant solution for a safe race

During the race, safety is a top priority. The solar car’s battery shouldn’t catch fire and needs to be high-performing and reliable.  With this in mind, the team required a flame-retardant material for the battery cell holder. This material also needed to be dimensionally stable at low and high temperatures, resistant to vibrations and lighter than the material previously used.

With Bayblend® FR, we have a very robust and tough material that helps us protect our battery. 

Michael Wirz

Battery Engineer, Sonnenwagen Aachen e.V.


Holding it all together with Bayblend® FR PC+ABS blend

Team Sonnenwagen successfully milled sheets for the battery cell holder using Bayblend® FR PC+ABS blend. This material is dimensionally stable at very low and high temperatures - up to 80 degrees Celsius - and features impact resistance to withstand vibrations during the race. Additionally, this lightweight solution significantly reduces the battery’s weight. 

Our Bayblend® FR PC+ABS blend provides Team Sonnenwagen with the best properties in terms of safety, efficiency and reliability.

Steven Daelemans

Business Development Manager, e-Mobility, Covestro

Why Bayblend® FR PC+ABS blend was the right solution for the Sonnenwagen battery pack

  • Flame-retardant Meets the UL94 V-0 rating for thin-walled applications.
  • Highly impact resistant: Protects the battery cells within the battery module.
  • Easy to use: Can be easily molded or shaped.
  • Lightweight and strong: Ideal for replaceable battery applications.

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