Bayblend® PC resin promotes safer health-care settings

While medical technology has made great strides, one device often remains a literal stumbling block on the road to patient recovery: the IV pole. Now, that situation is changing thanks to intelligent design from Safepole and our smart PC resin blends.
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Traditional IV poles can lead to tripping, toppling and other hazards for patients and health-care workers. Our partner Safepole LLC set out to create a safer, more ergonomic and cost-effective solution that would improve quality of life for both patients and hospital staff.

Find a robust thermoplastic for hospital settings

For their new IV pole design, Safepole needed a tough, chemical-resistant thermoplastic for multiple injection molded parts, for example: a router to organize IV tubing, an adjustable, seamless handlebar with built-in utility basket, and a domed wheel cover that protects wheels and keeps tubes from getting caught when patients move.

Bayblend® PC blend resin for long-wearing components

Bayblend® FR3010 PC+ABS blend met Safepole’s stringent design and manufacturing requirements. This high-strength grade of Bayblend® withstands impacts and chemicals and slows the progression of fire. Easy processing makes it suitable for various components. Seamless injection-molded surfaces ensure easy cleaning and do not rust. During the design phase for the Safepole, we also provided technical support on how to use brass inserts in the plastic parts for safe equipment mounting.

Why Bayblend® FR3010 was the right solution for Safepole

  • Extra tough: Our Bayblend® FR3010 PC+ABS resin blend is strong and impact resistant.
  • Chemical resistant: Stands up to hospital-grade disinfectants and scrubbing.
  • Fire retardant: Designed to slow burning.
  • Custom colors: Easy to match with a wide range of settings.
  • Versatile: Ideal for multiple components thanks to easy processing and an optimal flow rate.

Design a safer IV pole

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