Digital Expo 2021

September 14 - 16

Welcome to the Covestro Digital Expo 2021.

Discover the City of Sustainnovation, your #1 destination for more sustainable coatings and adhesives. Here’s where we work together with you to develop material solutions that meet key challenges from climate change and urbanization to future mobility. In this virtual space and beyond, we’re connecting to the Circular Economy by uniting partners across the value chain, and growing our portfolio together with our new family members from DSM Resins and Functional Materials (following our acquisition of the Resins and Functional Materials business from DSM).

What does the future look like?

Our event is packed with insightful talks on topics
from packaging to construction. Plan your tailor-made
visit so you catch all the talks you need.

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Discover more about our acquisition of the Resins and Functional Materials business from DSM and how you can benefit from this powerful coming together of experience, expertise, and vision.

Brighter Together: Acquiring DSM Resins & Functional Materials

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A very special review of the day

  • Day 3

    Coming soon

    Stay tuned and see our graphic writer illustrate the third day of the Digital Expo. Watch the results in time-lapse starting at 4 p.m.

  • Making of

    Catch your connection to our City of Sustainnovation and check out today's highlights on Living and Packaging.

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    Review the whole event

    Download the graphic recording of the whole event and see how the City of Sustainnovation grew from start to finish.

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