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Baril Coatings adopts our more sustainable plant-based resins

The Copperant paint brand by Baril coatings has existed since 1870. Now it has received a 21st century makeover. Copperant Altra Wall Paint, and Copperant Altra Spackspray from Baril Coating contains very low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and delivers outstanding performance in indoor and outdoor applications. But as managing director Geert Duijghuisen recounts, becoming a sustainability pioneer has not always been easy. 

The challenge 

“Over the years we have taken some risks, not always successfully, in our attempts to bring healthier and more sustainable products to the market,” says Geert. “For me it’s about standing up. As a society we need to face the fact that the planet is bigger than we are. It doesn’t need us but we need the planet! This is what drives us at Baril Coatings. The problem we had was that ultimately the coatings industry is all about performance, and we simply could not find a way of producing a sustainable paint that was commercially viable.” 

The solution 

Having been aware of Covestro for some years, Baril Coatings requested the Decovery® resin for use in a trial among its customers (mainly professional painters with exacting standards regarding the craftsmanship of paint). The results were pleasantly surprising: the Copperant Altra paint systems using Decovery® were extremely easy to apply and fast drying with no odor; they also delivered excellent ‘hiding’ properties on a range of future products that have since been made commercially available. 

The result

The new Copperant Altra family is now on the market. Starting with the wall paint and spackspray, and followed by five more plant-based Altra products at the beginning of 2019. “By creating a paint that benefits people, planet and profit we really have breathed new life into this brand,” says Geert. “But we do not intend to stop there. We are on a mission to clean up the paint industry, and we know Covestro shares that vision.” The two companies are already exploring new markets and applications: watch this space. 


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