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Desmocoll® is the one PU for many heat-activated adhesives

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Desmocoll® hydroxyl functional polyester polyurethanes are designed for the formulation of solventborne adhesives. They are formulated for a range of heat-activation temperatures and bonding and lamination applications in the automotive, footwear, furniture and packaging industries.

Heat-activated adhesives have the advantage of being non-tacky at room temperature, which makes them attractive for many industrial manufacturing processes. In addition, the properties of the polyurethanes are readily adjustable to meet different activation temperature requirements. Supplied as small granules, Desmocoll® grades have good solubility in many organic solvents. They are differentiated with respect to their crystallization rates, heat-resistance properties, adhesion to specific substrates and solution viscosities. Desmocoll®-based adhesives can be used on a variety of substrates, including leather, rubber, textiles, wood, paper, many plastics (including polyurethane elastomers and PVC substrates), plastic films, metals and aluminum foils. It is also suitable for common application methods, including spray coating and, although most Desmocoll®-based adhesives are heat-activated, formulations are also available for systems that require no activation.

Key Benefits

  • Powerful: Offers high initial and final bond strengths.
  • Good heat resistance & durability: Particularly when used with Desmodur® R isocyanate crosslinkers.
  • Dries now, bonds later: Materials with applied, dried adhesive can be stored for later bonding.
  • Adjustable: Readily adjustable to meet different activation temperature requirements.

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