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General Characterization

Baypreg FG system is a two component polyurethane system used in compression molding. Baypreg FG is specially formulated to be processed without the need for carbon dioxide injection.

Storage Conditions

The isocyanate, Component A, is based on diphenylmethane diisocyanate (PMDI). It should be stored in tightly closed containers and protected from moisture and foreign materials, which can adversely affect processing. It will react slowly with water to form ureas and liberate carbon dioxide gas, which may cause sealed containers to expand and rupture. Recommended storage temperatures are 10° and 30°C (50° and 86°F).
The polyol blend, Component B, is hygroscopic and should be protected from atmospheric moisture by sealing the container, or blanketing the product with a dry atmosphere. Component B is not phase stable and needs to be mixed thoroughly before and during use. Contamination with foreign materials, which can adversely affect processing, should be avoided. Materials should be stored at normal room temperature (18°-30°C).


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