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Baymedix® AD111

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Product Types

  • Dispersion
  • Non-reactive system
  • PU dispersion
  • Waterbased dispersion


Contact adhesive

General Characterization

Baymedix® AD111 is an aqueous polyurethane dispersion.

Storage Conditions

-Store in original, sealed Covestro container.
-Recommended storage temperature: 5° - 30° C (41° - 86° F)
-Protect from freezing, excessive heat and foreign material contamination
General information: This product is sensitve to cold temperatures. Freezing will irreversibly damage the product. This product should be sealed tightly when not in use as to prevent water evaporation and subsequent undispersible film formation. Brief heating to a maximum of 50°C has not shown any adverse effects on product properties. Prolonged storage at higher temperatures may result in a decrease of viscosity and / or an average particle size increase, possibly resulting in sedementation or coagulation. Contamination with certain bacteria, fungi or algae may render the product unusable.


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Packaging Type

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Technical Properties & Datasheets


Property Name Test Method Unit Value
Non-volatile content (1g/1h/125°C) % 48 - 52
pH 6 - 9
Viscosityat 23^oC, D=40 s^-1 mPa∙s 50 - 1000


Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet
No direct download available, please visit www.productsafetyfirst.covestro.com