Desmovit® is a range of thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU) sold exclusively by Geba GmbH. The extensive Desmovit® range includes options for glass-, carbon-, and natural-fiber compounds as well as conductive compounds for the electrical industry.
The adaptability of Desmovit® enables it to meet a wide variety of customer requirements in just about any color imaginable. Reinforced TPUs are a good match for applications that demand a high level of wear resistance and very good impact resistance, even at low temperatures. These materials also offer outstanding resistance to heat and a coefficient of expansion similar to that of aluminum. Good paintability and printability, exceptionally good noise absorbance, ease of flow, and a high level of reproductional accuracy round off the customizable profile of this multifunctional material group – which even includes a natural fiber-reinforced eco-variant. Lower density and reduced weight make it particularly attractive for automotive and sporting goods products. More about Desmovit® at Geba's website.

Key benefits

  • Customizable Tunable properties meet the requirements of specific applications.
  • Broad range Options in all colors for glass-, carbon-, and natural-fiber compounds.
  • Sustainable Also available in low-weight, high-performance eco options.
  • Durable Provides outstanding resistance to wear, heat and impact.

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