Mattresses: Dependable polyurethane materials for comfortable, sustainable foams

Foam cushioning for mattresses should offer consistent quality, optimum comfort and high breathability. The fact that we are a reliable supply source for slabstock made with high-quality PU is what keeps customers coming back.
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A family of polyether polyol products for multiple urethane applications
Polyisocyanates for a wide range of PU foams, coatings and adhesives
A wide range of polyols for high-performance polyurethane applications
Polyether polyol for viscoelastic foam
Polyether polyols for high-quality soft furniture and mattresses.

Key Benefits

  • Dependable: Our customers can depend on consistently high quality and reliable delivery.
  • Variable: Choose from a broad range of densities and hardnesses.
  • Breathable: Enjoy durable PU options with high breathability.
  • Innovative: Position your organization on the cutting edge with the latest foam technology.
We work with our customers, closely, to create unique foam blends that meet their individual manufacturing requirements. We also give mattress designers a wide array of slabstock flexible foam materials to choose from. Our full portfolio of polyols and isocyanates includes Desmophen®, Desmodur®, Softcel®, Ultracel®, and Arcol®, which are ideal for creating high resiliency (HR) foams or cold cure foams. These reliable, breathable foams have consistently proved their quality in the high-end mattress market – for over 30 years. In addition, all PU foams are low in volatile organic compounds (VOC) to ensure they are as safe and environmentally viable as they are comfortable.

Materials for every mattress type

Our polyurethane raw materials are used to create distinctly different kinds of mattresses. The breadth of our portfolio includes PU components for base layer foam, transition layer foam and comfort layer foam (typically a viscoelastic foam) which make up the full foam mattress. We also create materials suitable for use in topping foams for hybrid mattress and innerspring mattresses. In addition, our portfolio supports the rapidly growing bed-in-a-box market with foams that compress and rebound to optimize packaging and shipping as well as comfort.

Mattress toppers and pillows: Adding the finishing touches to comfort.

Our high-quality polyurethane materials let you optimize the sleeping comfort of your products. You can use them for the production of mattress toppers, for molded pillows contoured to the shape of the head and neck for greater support and, not least, for memory foam pillows that provide extra soft, traditional-style support for optimum comfort.

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