Electrifying the future with outstanding material solutions

Meet our experts virtually from 4th-15th of July!

Electrifying the future of E-Mobility with us 

Covestro is recharged after a brilliant start at EVS Oslo, where we were able to share first-hand how our sustainable and innovative material solutions are supporting the future of E-mobility. 
Thank you to everyone who connected with us during the event!
If you missed the opportunity to take a closer look at our polycarbonate solutions for chargers and battery packs, we're still here for you.
We're happy to provide valuable insight into the development of innovative material solutions and look forward to helping you finding the best material choice to bring your product idea to life. Whether you're focused on EV chargers, EVSE or battery packaging, we're here to help. Make a virtual appointment with our experts right now!
In addition, discover our first carbon neutral polycarbonates for a lower carbon footprint on electric charging stations and material solutions EVSE equipment. #EVCoCreate

Check out our innovative material solutions

Covestro EVSE brochure 2022

EV co-create with polycarbonate materials

Engineering plastics enable customers to create individual designs for electric vehicle (EV) charging stations while meeting global market requirements. Our strong, lightweight package of weatherproof
materials meets electrical insulation standards, making it ideal for both robust outdoor EV charging solutions and stylish wall box designs. As a true high-tech material, polycarbonate is not only robust,
breakproof, and lightweight, but it also offers a high degree of design freedom.

EVS Oslo (office365.com)

Innovative Material Solutions for Electric Chargers

  • Story

    Covestro: tough, light materials for EV charging stations

    Covestro is helping to ease the e-mobility infrastructure bottleneck with tough, light materials for EV charging stations.

  • Story

    Taking charge of future EV infrastructures

    Our Covestro team collaborated with young design talent to explore scenarios for future EV charging station infrastructures.

Sustainable Material Solutions for E&E

  • Story

    Circular E&E solutions

    We supply a portfolio of versatile engineering plastics, circular material solutions and expert services for the E&E sector.

  • Story

    Renewable mass-balanced raw materials for high-performance polycarbonates

    Using renewable components, we’ve developed an innovative polycarbonate with the properties of conventional fossil products.

  • Story

    Shaping a circular future for electrical and electronics

    Covestro is committed to providing a full range of more sustainable solutions for electrical and electronics industry.

Thermal Management Solutions for E-Mobility

  • Story

    Polycarbonates for battery thermal management

    Fast-charging batteries require excellent battery thermal management – but what material solutions are available and how do they work?

  • Case study

    Large curved display console

    Reinventing the interior display with thermoplastics

  • Technology

    Makrolon® TC thermal plastics

    Makrolon® TC thermally conductive plastics combine heat management with functional integration, low weight, and reduced radio frequency (RF) interference.

Material Solutions for EV Battery Packaging

  • Story

    Electrifying mobility

    On the road to electrification, Covestro materials, design and processing solutions are ideal for EV battery packaging.

  • Case study

    GreenPack® battery

    Two Bayblend® resins enable quick and safe battery replacement

  • Story

    Driving for a safer electric car

    Find out how innovations in polyurethane pultrusion are making electric vehicle battery packs safer

  • Story

    EV thermoplastics

    A range of thermoplastic polycarbonates from Covestro meet requirements for electric vehicle (EV) battery enclosures.

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