City of Sustainnovation – Joining the Circular Economy

People are migrating to cities for more chances and better quality of life. For a more sustainable future, we need to adopt circular lifecycles. The City of Sustainnovation showcases how Covestro innovates with products and solutions inspired by sustainability that can help to enable a Circular Economy.

Bringing solutions for tomorrow into our everyday lives today

Booming cities worldwide are putting a strain on the environment and a drain on the earth’s limited resources. People increasingly seek out better lives in urban areas, so there’s an urgent need to create a new future-proof urban reality that’s based on circular economy principles. 

In this circular reality, material loops are closed and innovative products deliver higher performance and increased sustainability while meeting ever tougher industrial hygiene regulations. Digitalization offers new ways to enhance the customer experience, along with new production processes and business models. The City of Sustainnovation concept envisions how this more circular and digital urban future can be achieved. 

By 2025, 80% of research and development funds at Covestro will target areas that directly contribute to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Three connected ‘neighborhoods’ give you ways to explore how innovative Covestro coating, adhesive and specialty material solutions support the SDGs. Covestro solutions are used beneath the surface but help meet the sustainability challenge, by working with partners across the value chain.

Connected Neighborhoods

Living the difference

How do we start to make our everyday urban lives more sustainable without sacrificing quality of life? Among other benefits, Covestro material and coating solutions deliver:

Fast drying with improved carbon footprint
Resource efficient digital printing 
More sustainable wearable patches

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Building a better city

How do we build cities that are better to live in, inspired by more innovative, circular ways of working? Covestro solutions enable:

Increased productivity 
Reduced VOC impact in the production process 
Materials based feedstocks with lower carbon footprint 

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Streets of tomorrow

How can we enable people to move around urban areas more easily, with less impact on the environment? Covestro coatings and materials help provide:

Reduced process costs 
Improved carbon footprint
Increased process efficiency
Greater freedom in automotive interior design

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Living the difference

In the City of Sustainnovation, sustainability and quality of life go hand-in-hand. Furniture, packaging, medical devices and footwear help put us at ease. Covestro solutions can play a role in all of these. Beneath the surface they add value when it comes to living more sustainably.  

Building a better city

Coatings, adhesives and more sustainable raw materials are important building blocks for the City of Sustainnovation. Covestro, together with value chain partners, has engineered high-performance waterborne coatings and a range of other solutions to help make the construction sector more sustainable.

Streets of tomorrow

Ensuring that people can move around urban areas easily and more sustainably helps to promote growth in the City of Sustainnovation. Covestro works closely with automotive OEMs, tier suppliers and other value chain partners to enable solutions for future-oriented mobility.

Improved Occupational Hygiene

Covestro solutions enable improved working hygiene standards without any compromise on performance to make life easier for customers.

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