From increasing mobility to seamless journeys

The environment is changing and redefining the way we move and interact with each other, with the objects around us, and with the world we live in. With materials and technologies that create beautiful surfaces with efficient and safer production, you can help meet the rising demands for increasing mobility options that combine functionality with attractive appearance. To drive the next stage of seamless journeys, we’re developing those materials further to push new concepts for interior vehicle designs that integrate the look, feel, and comfort that bring truly seamless journeys.

“Mobility is about more than just getting from A to B. That is why our product development is focused on creating truly immersive passenger experiences.”

Dr. Markus Mechtel

Head of Marketing Automotive Coatings EMEA/LATAM, Covestro

Challenge: Going all out for the vehicles of tomorrow

In June 2022, a majority of the EU Parliament voted to allow manufacturers to market only cars and vans that do not emit climate-damaging greenhouse gases from 2035. This means that the automobile industry today is driving the change in two ways: it has to advance technologies that will enable the more climate-friendly mobility of tomorrow, while at the same time meeting increasing customer demands in terms of the aesthetics, durability, and comfort of their vehicles. To make this equation work seamlessly, we’re working on innovations in coatings and adhesives to tackle these challenges.

Status: Upsides from the inside to the outside

For many years, our solutions and technologies have enabled our customers and partners in the industry to implement future-oriented mobility concepts. The exterior and interior design, and even the rollout of electric vehicles profit from innovative material solutions. Read on to see how!

Driving electrification forward

Inside the battery housings of electric vehicles, so-called thermal interface materials (TIMs) transfer heat from the cells to the cooling devices. Conventionally, these TIMs are made from aluminum-oxide-based metals. Our lighter and more heat-conductive Desmodur® and Desmophen® polyurethane products improve the overall performance of battery cells in terms of power and charging speed. These gap-fillers and adhesive materials also isolate overheated cells from each other, lowering the risk of fire.

Production that’s more sustainable and efficient

With Desmodur® CQ N, we pave the way for the development of partially bio-based clear coats, featuring the same high performance as conventional, fossil-based variants, as shown in the Sonnenwagen project in collaboration with RWTH Aachen.


Aside from delivering more sustainable raw materials for clear coats, our solutions also help to increase energy efficiency in the application process. Pasquick® and Blulogiq® are our high-performance products for faster curing of auto coatings at ambient and lower temperatures. 

Another coating innovation with high potential is the overspray-free application of coatings by upcoming digital printing technologies. Desmodur®-based materials enable automotive OEMs and coating suppliers to apply polyurethane coatings using digital printing, delivering the quality of standard spray applications – while eliminating overspray, and enabling local color and performance variations with the expectation to significantly reduce waste and lower the energy costs of the application.

Meanwhile, our novel packaging solution Dockit® proves that our innovative spirit is not limited to the formulation of raw materials. With a handy capsule, applicators no longer have to mix coating and hardener themselves, thereby avoiding a time-consuming task (and potential for error) and enabling a smooth finish. What’s more, the fact that the plastic parts of the capsule can be recycled very well and then serve as a starting material for new products, helps to contribute to more sustainable production and products.

Seamless passenger experiences

Our DirectCoating solutions enable truly seamless surfaces for car interiors thanks to the cost-effective polyurethane reaction injection molding (RIM) technology. With DirectCoating, car designers can create transparent, translucent, and solid-color structures, with surface characteristics that range from leather haptics to the feel of glass and metal, while also housing smart display, ambient lighting, and touch control functions.


And our waterborne PU technology INSQIN® enables flexible, adaptable, and durable materials with a premium look and feel. The product provides powerful performance even in the thinnest layer and creates inspiration for material applications.

Key drivers for the Status Next of Mobility

  • Thinking beyond the combustion engine

    Thinking beyond the combustion engine

    Vehicles with a minimal carbon footprint are the future – the right technologies and materials help get you there faster.

  • Taking production to the fast lane

    Taking production to the fast lane

    Production-ready materials and easy drop-in solutions are key when it comes to saving time and costs.

  • Meeting and exceeding expectations

    Meeting and exceeding expectations

    Material innovations should help you stay ahead of ever-evolving health and safety regulations in the long term.

Next: Accelerating the mobility turnaround

We are proud of what we, together with our partners around the globe, have achieved so far on our way to a more sustainable mobile future. But the road ahead of us is still long and winding. Our solutions act as flexible enablers for inspiring new designs that help you create the next big thing in an ever-evolving and increasingly connected industry. Together, we can define what connected mobility and true freedom of movement will look like.

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